Co-occurence Matrix – Breaking Bad

This page was created to examine the creation of a similarity matrix in javascript, using d3, and to test the rendering of an interactive version in WordPress. This version uses WP-D3 plugin version 2.2. This matrix examines character relationships in season one of Breaking Bad, using a modified version of the d3 programming employed by Mike Bostick in his visualization of Le Miserables character co-occurrence data (the list of Breaking Bad characters seems shorter and easier to manage – plus, I just like the show).

This page uses the list of characters (nodes) from season one and a (completely subjective) assessment (by me) of the “intensity” of their relationships to each other to create a simple interactive matrix. The data, in JSON format, with notes about modifications to get this chart to render in WordPress appear after the chart. Characters have been grouped (color coded) by their involvement in the drug trade. Walter is left in his own category (for now). Each colored cell represents a pair of characters. The brighter the color, the greater intensity of their relationship. Cells in grayscale reflect relationships where the two characters do not share the same group (e.g., Skyler and Jesse Pinkman).

The drop-down menu below re-arranges the order of matrix rows and columns. Order by name to arrange the axes alphabetically by the character’s name; by Intensity Score to order by the ‘most intense’ relationships; and by group to look at characters by their involvement in the drug trade.This page was tested with Chrome and Firefox. For those using other browsers, I’ve saved screenshots of the matrix, with Walter shifting from Math Teacher/Family Man to Drug Kingpin in the parent page.